Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rubic's Cube

This is at the playground two weeks ago. The same night he had a fever and has been at home with tonsillities ever since. He is jumping around again, wants to play with us all the time. I can't wait for him to start kindergarten again, my little bunny, my cutie, my everything.


Francesca said...

Hope Dominik is better now, and taking some of his energy out playing with his friends at kindergarten! Is he enjoying it?

Bohemian girl said...

Hi Francesca, I know I owe you answer to this question from before. He seems to like it, he says "my friends" and he likes his teacher, he grins when I say her name. I am glad, I do not remember that I liked my kindergarten at all. Ach, it is important though.

victoria said...

So wonderful Dominik is enjoying the kindergarden. Matias gets so much energy out when he is there, I could not do a better job at home! That playground looks interesting too.