Sunday, October 10, 2010

All different

Shadow theatre. Straight inspiration from the front page of IJM studio in Amsterdam that Mieke Willems have mentioned. We also have a backdrop with trees and hills and we sort of play with it at dark with a light coming from behind, like IJM has it, but we are far far from the cool stuff that they present. But I had fun cutting the puppets, it actually turned out pretty good considering my skills.

Lovely handwriting that I am involved with right now. When I figure out what the letters are I find our that it is in German and my torture continues. And thus, step by step, I am slowly building up a content of my dissertation.

Still life with a head, a chair and a missing body.


la casita said...

i like your shadow theatre, i might try it too.
good luck with the translation...
: )

victoria said...

Keep going, Im sure it will get easier soon!My PhD inspiration is down by my ankles somewhere, I really need to get it back up again!