Friday, February 22, 2008

End of the Artist. Contribution to Street Art.

This building is under construction and to block the windows in basement they used some old board they found laying around. They tagged a piece of wood to it from outside to prevent the house from thieves. I am sure they had no idea what an exhibition they installed for passers by. No one really cares anyway, people just rush by without hardly noticing it. So, who is that painter whose pieces finally found a practical usage? Being always kind of naïve I hope for him/ her that he/she just switched to another creative period and threw the old junk on the street.


alsokaizen said...

That is a wonderful thing to see on the way, its amazing to find these creative moments that were never intended....I like the way the window frames edit and segregate the images too, thanks for sharing this find!

Bohemian girl said...

I also like how they framed it, almost as if they did it on purpose but I am sure they had no idea.