Saturday, February 9, 2008

Horizontal zig-zag sweater

When knitting I like playing with colors but with this little sweater I tried to be more sophisticated and I made a system how to combine the yarns. So I always combined two yarns, I started with black and brown for the first zig-zag pattern and for the next row of zig-zags I combined brown and violet. And the next row of zig-zags violet and blue. And then blue and pink. Pink and reddish-brown. Reddish-brown and brown. And so on. So the second yarn in the couple is always randomly chosen.

I kind of liked it but then, when knitting the back part I rather forgot all about it and switched yarns more often because I felt like it had missed some "freshness" of the whole color knitting.

And also the sleeves I though should have been completely different like all blue or pink but the sample I made did not convince me. So I knitted just plain rows, trying to keep the same system again but not so strictly. It was all fast knitting on needles number 8, the sweater is a size 12 - 18 months (I guess). The yarn is 100% Acrylic, it is Czech made, it is called Elian and the type is klasik. I even found the web page of the producer, they seem to distribute abroad as well. 50 gr costs 1 dollar.

My son tried it on and liked it, so did his dad. It is still little big so I keep it for early spring days.

I am enclosing pdf for those who would like to knit it. It is an attempt to give a pattern although I am not such a professional to present it like in a magazine let alone I am not good in the English knitting speech so I leave to you the artistic part on it (e. g. collar). Let me know how it goes.

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