Sunday, February 24, 2008

The holes are marvelous!

This is another piece out of my mum´s knitting ready made portfolio. I remember wearing this sweater at a high school when it still held together, that is between 1987 and 1991, but the sweater must have been older than that. We later started to rip it off but I got somewhat melancholic and kept this part as I wasn't able to destroy it. First the colors are crazy, combinations of reds and yellow, and also the red triangle took some work, my mum composed a special yarn out of leftovers of reds (knitting from leftovers was a specialty of Czech poor knitting materials), violet and yellow. Materials, the bulky yellow yarn and the composed yarn with little knots on the rear projecting to the surface, actually refer to the 70s and its need to use the natural material and techniques that would reveal simple method of making so that one could "read" it just from looking at how the sweater was done. Definitely, it had to do with the hippie culture of preceding years and coming back to nature of then present years. But the holes, the holes are new.

A doll and a vase on the other photographs are a test on how well my sweaters go together with equipment in my house. So the vase is a do it yourself piece from the 60s, originally a simple bottle with a splashy painting over on it in the style of Jackson Pollock. The vase has always been in our house, someone probably made it for my mum. And the little cloth girl she did herself for my nieces, she's got sort of scary face, there are more pics here.

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