Friday, February 8, 2008

Traditional knitting in Southern Bohemia

I made my two beautiful nieces pose for me in their knits. And they made their dolls pose in their knits with them.
Their grandmother (not my mum this time) mostly knits for all of them and the things she makes are close to folk handicraft pieces in a sense to show lot of knitting skills and to knit similar patterns like other women used to do and still do.
She might not like to hear that but I find something nice about it. Otherwise it is far from traditional knitting with patterns which would differ from place to place. The girls live in a village, unfortunately not right in that funky house, which is in a neighboring village, but it gives an impression about what the environment looks like there. Of course the normal life is completely different from what such an architecture gives an idea of.

Her orange vest was worn by her mum when she was five herself, she even looked pretty much the same. Also the shirt is from the same time, that is around 1976.

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