Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It was good to have bigger girls around. They were good for doing my projects, batiking, drawing, picking flowers. How to make a nice bouquet like the one Marketka made: grab flowers and whatever comes under your hands with full fists. Domik liked his cousins, he was rolling and crawling on them like crazy. He didn't need me at all. First I liked it but later I was sorry. It was closest to the feeling son leaving his mummy. I knew everything would be back to normal soon and I would wish for having the girls around again. And so it is.


Kasia said...

I love Czech countryside. I keep looking at the second photo and almost feel the smell of the meadow.
(disappearing somewhere in Czech countryside, reading Hrabal's books from morning until night and going for long walks from one village to another is my dream holiday. I wouldn't change it for a ticket to Maledives ;) ).

Thanks for sharing x

Bohemian girl said...

I second what you say. Maybe the ticket to Maledives along with it. By the way, I was just thinking of Hrabal's books and how they cheer me up. I have one here. I am going to read it now.

Kasia said...

I've read almost everything by Hrabal, I just brought two books from Poland which I'm keeping for those rainy autumn afternoons that are coming. Last year we visited little and beautiful town of Trutnov; I bought "Svatby v domě" and it made me extremly happy- this book is no longer obtainable in Polish edition. One day I will undust my Czech language, I promise.

Kasia said...

I, for a change, have never read Mrożek, can you believe that? And since we are on literature subject- I admire not only Hrabal but also like short stories by Skvorecky as well as Ota Pavel. When it comes to poetry, I'd say Nezval is my favourite.

I've been to Adršpach once, on a school trip. I loved it. As well as our bicycle trips to Broumov. My best childhood holiday was also spent in Czech, in small village of Klučov near Český Brod, with evening walks to Poříčany and train trips to Prague, of course. How I miss Prague... Have you read "Magic Prague" by Angelo Maria Ripellino? It's so rich and tense and beautiful. Your country will always have special place in my heart.

Francesca said...

Reading your conversation with Kasia makes me realize that I haven't traveled enough or read enough.

Bohemian girl said...

Kasia, go for Vladimír Holan and Ivan Wernish too, Holan is an after the war poet, Wernish is little younger. Ripellino, I know the book but havent read it, I am glad you like this country.

the places we mention are very small, maybe you wouldnt find them so attractive after all. They have a meaning for those who live there. The names, on the other hand, I would recommend to anybody.