Monday, August 30, 2010

Lysá nad Labem

We went to see this place, it is a little town half an hour from Prague, few odd streets, old square, church with baroque sculptures looking down on you from the wall, chateau, turned into an old peoples house, romantic park and French park, view into the river Labe valley. The park was a big surprise, so nice and grand and so little known. We had to find it, it was part of the thing, a discovery. We made it up the hill, strolled in the grass in the wilder side of the park and then, finally, when I was almost to give up, I saw it, bony sculptures set among trimmed trees. 18th century.

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Merruli said...

These are the things why one has to travel to Central Europe, no hope of finding places like those in here.

I'd love to see that place!