Saturday, August 7, 2010

Report from the trip

I received a refund from Paypal, it was faster than I expected.

Rivane Neunschwander

We visited New York for three days. I wrote to someone that we stayed in the very heart of Manhattan. Only later I could see that Manhattan has several hearts. How naive I had been. Everyone wants to be on that piece of land, no wonder that all the nice and interesting things are piled up in several rows and several layers. I was curious about the spirit of the parts of New York and they are particular at every street, no deaf spaces between them. I can also see how neurotic the city could be. For all the reasons mentioned above.

We stayed in East Village, right in St. Marks Place. Above a noisy pizzeria and punk girls begging for food for their dog, they said. The apartment had nice architectonic features from the turn of the centuries. On the last day I found a mouse trap bellow a sink, realized the dark side of the city and was ready to go home.

We didn't take little guy on this trip. Instead, he had a good time with his grandparents. I like that the first picture looks like taken from over the meadows and fields around the city. In reality, it is from a roof top of the Metropolitan museum.


P.K said...

New York is a very intense city. I am glad you received a refund.

Francesca said...

I'm so glad you got a refund and that paypal acted fast! Very nice report from your trip to NY. I loved it when I was there years ago, but never found its heart, and always wanted to go back and look for it. At one point we fantasized about living there for a year.

Victoria said...

Great news! Post some more pics from NY, I really want to visit it someday. Never been over to the US. And so nice you could leave Dominik with his grandparents, you had a second honeymoon I suppose :)