Friday, August 13, 2010

Romare Bearden

More pictures from New York on request. With collages from Metropolitan Museum and one collaged photograph between them.

I am having my second holiday right now. It is raining. When it is not raining we go mushroom hunting. We dont find much because everybody goes and all of them get up earlier than we do. Domík says that we want to pick happy mushrooms and when he sees one that has been eaten by animals he calls it an angry mushroom. When it is not raining we ride a bycicle, sit at the river and throw stones in water. We are expecting Domík's cousins so that Domík can go crazy with them. If it is not raining tomorow we go to see a puppet show at the castle. I made Domík an ordinary pair of sweatpants and a teddy-bear from the leftover. It looks like a fox.


Francesca said...

There should be many happy mushrooms growing here very soon:rain has been bucketing down all day long. Perhaps even I will be able to find some:)

Victoria said...

the bag arrived magda, thank you so much! I will go by etsy and update the order status sorry for the delay! I love the photos, it must be strange to look up in the city and hardly be able to see the sky cause of the tall buildings.happy mushroom picking!

ibb said...

Photos are incredible.
And about mushrooms, here have also started growing...and there is always someone who goes earlier...but just going out is great.

raining sheep said...

I absolutely love New York; it is one of my favorite cities. There is so much to see and so much to do. Although I have to say I would not want to live there. I have only really been in Manhattan, I think next time I will visit Brooklyn as well. I have done no sewing or crochet or knitting or anything ... just my photography. I don't feel motivate to pick up anything. Maybe once the weather gets colder. Adam and I are going to San Francisco in a few weeks and I can't wait.