Thursday, August 5, 2010


Welcome back from holiday and find out that your account has been hacked. How does that feel? I am talking about paypal. So almost all the money that I made on Etsy are gone, somebody stole them and there is nothing I can do about it. I can scream out of the window like a crazy. Go complain at the train station. Write e-mails frenetically to paypal and imagine how they laugh out loud.

What is more, one of the parcels I had sent before my departure, never got to its destination. I am obliged to refund it somehow. Which I will, but considering all the circumstances, I feel bitterness on my tongue.

I want to complain how all that embroidery business of mine was all in vain.

I went into the cupboard and found out that somebody has defrauded all the liquor too. While I was gone. A woman who watered the plants?


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh...So sorry to hear this.
This happened to my Husband but they were buying things from Ebay with his Paypal account!!!
CRAZY I know!
So...I hope they can do something for you?
Sorry the Parcel didn't get there too...and that all your Liquer was taken, is there not enough bad in this World already?
Sending good luck and Karma your way...
HUGS and more HUGS
Your work is beautiful...

P.K said...

That does not sound like a good experience! So sorry that this happened. I had a spot of trouble with my credit card, but the company takes care of it. The liquor missing, well what can one say... Wishing all the best and sending good vibes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's pure evil. Really didn't think that could happen with Pay Pal... Feel really sorry for you, labour in vain is no fun at all. Good luck :)

Francesca said...

Really sorry Magda, what a sad and bad welcome home.
I wish you could just pop over and have a glass of wine with me while you tell me about your time in the US. Baci.

Merruli said...

I'm so so sorry to hear that your homecoming was everything but pleasant. If Paypal is considered safe, which provider one is able to trust after that.I really think that Paypal should take some kind of responsibility in all that happened.
Knowing all the hard work you had done for the embroidery that is so frustrating!! Hugs! I hope something really nice is waiting around the next corner for you!

Bohemian girl said...

Dear readers and friends, thank you for your nice respond on my bitter complaints.
Although Paypal has already answered to my claim they dont perform like they are going to refund the lost. I will keep you informed since this might be useful for anyone.

Char, did your husband got refund from paypal?

Francesca, I am drowning in such an image. If we were closer you can sure I would jump on the train.