Monday, August 23, 2010

Mushroom Hunting

I recognize only boleti, it is the only mushroom I can pick. Well, maybe two or three other kinds but I don't see them often. I actually don't see many mushrooms at all, I mean those edible ones that every one knows and goes hunting for. My aunt used to be a specialist in mushroom picking. But my uncle didn't believe her knowledge and used to go hunting for his own mushrooms. In their house, they had two jars of dried mushrooms, one belonged to him, the other one to my aunt.


Silver Sisters said...

That is a lovely story about your aunt and uncle. My grandparents used to have separate gardens and an informal but spirited contest to see whose was best.

Francesca said...

So many things in this post made me smile Magda, and the photos are beautiful. I used to pick and grill a white bulb-like mushroom - easy to find and identify - but now I'm less bold and brave, and stick to store bought ones.

Kasia said...

Hello Magda,
I used to go mushroom picking with my dad, I can still recognize the good ones. I love the smell of dried mushrooms. It always reminds me of Christmas (because we use dried mushrooms for some Christmas dishes).

In answer to your comment: we are back to England. We've been here eight months now and we're really happy but I miss Italy (I don't miss Genoa though).


Fine Little Day said...

What a lovely post Magda. Can almost feel the mushroom smell in to my livingroom.

la casita said...

I love this story and mushrooms too.
It's been ages since I don't go mushrooms picking, i wouldn't even know where to go here, it is so flat that i think there are barely any mushrooms arounds.