Friday, September 24, 2010


Můj medvěd Flora, text and illustrations by Daisy Mrázková, 1st edition in 1973, re-edition 2007 by Baobab

Kids find a dirty old teddy bear in the snow, it is one of those that look like Winnie the Pooh in the  original book. They take it home, take care of it, wash it, fix it and play with it. I like that there is a whole page picture on every double page and a short and sort of poetic text. The story isn't anything but it doesn't matter. Actually, kids might like it. 


P.K said...

I like the illustrations! The first one is lovely, and I like the one with the mother carrying the soup tureen. It looks like a lovely book, where you can make up your own story about the bear.

sunny smiles said...

I just stumbled upon your beautiful blog and couldn't be more pleased :)

Bohemian girl said...

P.K. I like that one too, how it is painted and that it traces the life style that is not anymore.

gini said...

heLLo !!
im so sorry for the late reply but there isnt any scheme for the apple they've put different scheme that have nothing to do with the photo ! (
sorry for that!
maybe you still want to see the other schemes?
talk soon

Junko said...

Beautiful illustrations! I would like to find the books of this illustrator. Thanks for sharing this!

Magdaléna said...

If I could be of any help, here are some links:
I hope they work for you.