Sunday, September 5, 2010


While strolling through the Metropolitan museum in New York we came across a small exhibition by Anne Ryan and her textile collages. We paid just a little attention to it, my husband even said something like Her stuff is too nice, sorry, and I thought Yes and it is exactly what I could do just for myself, like some kind of an art therapeutic project. And later, along with my little guy playing, I played with scissors and paper and pretended I was making a blanket. Ryan's stuff is much better though, collages are hard job, we undervalued her. 


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Collages are hard...I struggle with them too...bnut love yours!
Happy Sunday!

la casita said...

keep going.

gini said...

thank you for your lovely comment!it 's giving me strenght to continue! merci merci!!!
big kisses

gini famiLi
ps still love your bLog!

Annabel said...


Francesca said...

Some of the most inspiring art I saw were a combination of collage (with fabrics, newspapers, postcards etc) and oil painting by Chagall. Once I took a course on postmodernism and collage (as in defragmenting and creating meaning)

at swim-two-birds said...

i love this one :-)