Monday, September 27, 2010

He grinned at me nicely

We played a shopping game today. His shopping manners were hilarious. He screamed: Buy more! after each of my purchase in his toy and other stuff shop. He would hand me money that he had proudly ripped of his cash register, before I had time to give him mine. He also liked to wrap the stuffed animals that actually came to the shop as customers, he put them in plastic bags as if they were sold. He showed me the backroom of his shop with some "under counter" goodies. He painted his bank notes with strange symbols and also the numbers he screamed out over his cash register sounded very exotic.

He was happy that I played with him. He was nice all day and grinned at me nicely.


Francesca said...

It sounds a lovely day. I don't often make enough time to play with my daughter her 3 year old's games (over and over) but I'm lucky, as her brothers are usually happy to!

victoria said...

It makes such a difference to spent the day really involved with your kids. I think their mood is up for several days after the day you have described!

Anonymous said...
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